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New Review! Reckless Weekend (Reckless Beat #2.5) by Eden Summers 4 Cranky Stars

Reckless Weekend (Reckless Beat, #2.5)Reckless Weekend by Eden Summers
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Cranky Stars

Reckless Weekend is a novella in the Reckless Beat universe. Here we go on an epic bachelor and bachelorette weekend challenge with Mitchell and the gang. Preparing for their wedding ahead Mitchell and Alana head to Vegas for a weekend of fun. What happens is hilarity ensues, someone loses an eyebrow, one looks like an Oompa Loompa and someone ends up with a naughty piercing.

It’s not all drunken antics and fun there is an underlying sadness for one couple in the group and one sees his future in shambles. Demons from the past show up for Alana and she’s anxiety ridden for the upcoming nuptials. We get to see glimpses of the other members of the Reckless Beat family which I’m sure is paving the way for future books.

This was a good novella. It encompasses a lot of stories in one small book. From weddings to heartache and a major life changing decision Reckless Weekend has it all. I can’t wait to see who the next book will be about.

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New Review! Fated Magic by Sariah Skye 4 Cranky Stars

Fated Magic (The Fated Saga, #2)Fated Magic by Sariah Skye

4 Cranky Stars

Fated Magic (The Fated Saga Book 2) by Sariah Skye is an amazing sequel. Same formatting errors as the first, but I adapted. This story picks up where Fated Magic ended. Leorah has quite the conundrum of figuring out who she can really trust to defeat the big bad that is coming her way. What I loved the most about this story is that there was a love triangle.

There was definitely character growth in this story. The plot flowed easily. The dialogue was believable and on point.

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New Review! Fated Souls by Sariah Skye 3 Cranky Stars

Fated Souls (The Fated Saga #1)Fated Souls by Sariah Skye
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3 Cranky Stars

Fated Souls (The Fated Saga Book 1) by Sariah Skye was an interesting book to read. It was my first shifter book, so I didn’t know what to expect. The main female character is a rare dragon breed and has left her home to live as a human.

Fate has plenty of surprises in store for Leorah. She has a chance encounter (or so she believes) with Gabriel O’Donnell. There is a reason as to why they are attracted to one another. I loved that Leorah was a strong female lead. I loved that there was action, drama, and suspense in the story. The story was easy to follow.

The formatting errors and typos took me out of the story. There were some inconsistences with timing in the book, but I overlooked that. I will recommend this series to ones that like paranormal shifter stories.

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Media Blitz! Reckless Beat Box Set by Eden Summers



One band, five musicians, and enough seduction to fill a stadium. Blind Attraction Reckless Beat #1 He can seduce with a single glance. She’s been sheltered from the world. Attraction will bring them crashing together, but their vastly different lifestyles will try to tear them apart. In a glamorous world of rock-and-roll, only time will tell if they’re up for the challenge. Passionate Addiction Reckless Beat #2 He’s been her ultimate untouchable desire. She’s his savior and he’s never laid eyes on her. An internet friendship turns into an unstoppable physical chemistry. But little white lies can create black holes in any relationship. Will an Aussie with a heart of gold forgive her bad-boy boyfriend or will deceit end this passionate addiction? Reckless Weekend Reckless Beat #2.5 What do you get when you mix a rock band as hot as Reckless Beat, women strong enough to capture several of the bad boys’ hearts, and a bet that sparks a competitive streak? Boundaries will be pushed, alcohol will be abused, and loads of sarcasm will be shared. The past is trying to catch up with the present, and the pressure may be too hard to handle. One reckless weekend will test each member of the band and the women who’ve claimed their love. Undesired Lust Reckless Beat #3 They used to be the perfect team…until their sex tape went viral. Now, bitterness has destroyed him, driving away his muse while financial ruin is breathing down her neck, threatening to destroy her dream career. There's only one option left to save them both, but it would mean a collaboration with the one person they love to hate… Or do they merely hate to love?  



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About the Author

Eden Summers is a bestselling author of contemporary romance with a side of sizzle and sarcasm. She lives in Australia with a young family who are well aware she's circling the drain of insanity. Eden can't resist alpha dominance, dark features and sarcasm in her fictional heroes and loves a strong heroine who knows when to bite her tongue but also serves retribution with a feminine smile on her face.  

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Blog Tour! Entangled Summer by Michele Barrow-Belisle

Entangled Summer
by Michele Barrow-Belisle
Genre: NA Paranormal Romance

She's done everything to forget. 

He'll do anything to help her remember.

They say our dreams mask secrets. 
Secret desires. 
Secret fears. 
Secret truths.

20 year old Nora Dultry’s dreams hide even more. They're a gateway to the man of her dreams, and an escape from her painful past. She’s fantasized about him for years, and when he mysteriously walks into her summer teaching gig, she never dreamed she'd question whether he was the one she truly wanted. 

But her former fling Troy Bellisaro doesn't just own Wanderlust Academy...he’s her boss, he still has her heart strings tied in knots—and he’s hiding secrets of his own. 

One of them will be her dream come true. One, her waking nightmare. 

Untangling the truth could make this dream, her last.

"Humans are the only creatures on earth, whose emotions are irrevocably entangled with thier memories."

A dreamer at heart, Michele Barrow-Belisle has always lived with one foot in this reality and one foot in another, one of her own imagining. So it follows that she would grow up to write about and sculpt the characters from those enchanting worlds she knows and loves so well. As a fan of everything romantic, her young adult novels are populated with witches and vampires and faeries. Michele resides in southern Canada with her hubby and son who indulge her passions for writing, reading, lattes, and most of all chocolate. 

She also loves shoes. 

Did we mention the chocolate?

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Blog Tour! The Fated Saga by Simone Pond

Fated Souls
The Fated Saga Book 1
by Sariah Skye
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Leorah James is your average, single woman. Works in a coffee shop, drives a beat-up car, watches TV with her cat, and lives a very ordinary life in rural Minnesota among humans. On the outside, you’d never know that the entirely-typical woman hides a secret.

Leorah is a dragon-shifter. Not just any dragon shifter, but a pink dragon shifter. 

Yes, pink. 

Unlike her dragon counterparts, she’s smaller, cannot fly, doesn’t breathe fire, and is not very intimidating at all. In her home kingdom of Anarach, she is bullied, tormented, and hated. So, she chooses to live simply, and blend in with humanity.

Until a cute, but mysterious stranger enters the shop where she works. And he knows exactly who, and what Leorah is hiding. Gabriel O’Donnell will help uncover who she is, and teach her what she’s capable of. All the while a dark, ominous force that hasn’t been seen in centuries threatens everything Leorah holds dear.

Together, will they succumb to the darkness? Or will they fight in the shadows, and discover just who Leorah is fated to be?

Fated Magic
The Fated Saga Book 2

No one can outrun their destiny, but just whose destiny is she running from?

Dragon-shifter Leorah James has everything she ever wanted. Friends. Magic. The ability to fly. And the promise of more romance than she can handle. But with her newfound power comes responsibility far greater than Leo ever imagined.

As darkness infects the very heart of Anarach, Leo and her companions must leave the sanctuary of Castle Danger and face their worst fears. Betrayal, loss, action and adventure- Leorah is in for one hell of a ride.

Nobody said being the hero would be easy but is Leo strong enough to play the part?

Fated Hope
The Fated Saga Book 3

Leorah James grew up in a kingdom of dragon-shifters; friendless, and considered useless, with no magic. All because of age-old ideas, and fear towards what they didn’t understand.

Now, she’s back in Anarach, in a position she never thought possible: a queen, bonded to the gorgeous Maxxus, with extraordinary magic; ruling over the kingdom that once shunned her very existence. Now, Leorah and Maxxus must bring the kingdoms together to try and strengthen everyone against the mysterious foe up against them.

The very thing that set her apart from her kingdom could be the very thing to save them all, if only they quell their fear and let her.
Some might consider Leorah a hero, given everything she’s been through and everything that stands before her. But, is she heroic enough to give everyone hope?

**Author's note**
The romance intensifies in this third edition of The Fated Saga and is recommended for readers 18+ only.

Sariah Skye physically resides in southern Minnesota with her husband, two kids and a dog (so really...3 children) but mentally her head is in the clouds dreaming of anything that doesn't require adulting. 

When not writing she's probably geeking out watching Star Trek, playing World of Warcraft, reading yet another fantasy book or staying up way too late. She'd love it if you dropped her a line at Facebook or Twitter but be prepared...she's a nictofiliac so be patient for a response while her eyes adjust to the light of day and beware of sarcasm. It helps to throw her chocolate or glitter first before engaging. Wine is also acceptable...but not to throw. Hand it over gently.

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New Review! Remnants by Melle Amade 4 Cranky Stars

Remnants (Shifter Chronicles, #2)Remnants by Melle Amade
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Cranky Stars

Shae is adjusting to life as a shifter. She is torn between doing what is right and staying on the side of the living. She makes a discovery about herself that would mean certain death if El Oso finds out. Along with her friends they set out to find a binding spell that will make Shae a raven. Her family is jeopardized and new stories about her family come to the light. Friendships are tested as Shae learns more and more about the shifter community.

This book was action packed and once again Shae came off as more of a petulant child at times but then again she is 16 and her foundation has been rocked. This book sees new alliances formed, relationships tested, death and a coup.

I liked it and found myself wanting to see what shenanigans that Shae and her friends would get up to considering one is the heir and one is the Ridder. Positions of immense power. I’m still loving Roman and his poisonous frog animal side. These are good YA shifter books if you can look past Shae.

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